Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thank You!

Laura, for listening to me when I am just being weird. Thank you for clearing off my car this week. Thank you for being my friend and not casting judgement.

Dallin, for helping me to become a better person but at the same time accepting me for me.

Uncle Tony, for just calling to check up on me and see how I am doing. Thank you for being that wonderful example of what a priesthood holder can do for a family.

Savannah, for wanting to talk to me on Skype and being so excited to do so.

Mom, for always being there for me and caring about me so much. Words really can't describe how much I am thankful for you.

Dad, for showing me that people can change. Thank you for constantly loving me and looking out for me.

Irina, Brenda, Jordynn, thank you for showing me the love of God and how much the Gospel and the gift of the Atonement can change lives.  

Lately I have been feeling very grateful for the people that God put into my path. I know that I don't always express my gratitude as well as I should and I feel awful about that. There is so much for me to be thankful for. Mostly I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and my loving Heavenly Father. They help me become that person that I am meant to be. They help me change, they help me stay strong, they help me feel important. They make it possible for me to be with all those that I love for eternity. One way to give back to them it to show my gratitude.

This week I am starting a new goal. My goal is to make sure that I express my gratitude more frequently. I am not going to be stingy with the words "thank you". I really feel that by simply doing that, by expressing my thanks, I will feel even more blessed.

I encourage all those who are down or just need a pick me up to start this challenge with me as well. I think it will be just what we need.