Thursday, May 16, 2013

Being Lazy

 I have never really liked to work out. I don't like to run. I don't like to lift weights. I am not very motivated to exercise by myself. The other day I realized that I need to do something though because I weighed myself and I am the heaviest that I have every been. I do not like this fact. So me and some family members have set up a workout routine so that we can get in shape and stop being a couch potato.

Sometimes I am just lazy. Sometimes I like being lazy. I would say that for the past 6 months I have been really lazy.  I have been slowly coming back to myself and now I am kind of disgusted about how lazy I have been. The thing about being lazy, at least for me, is it is so easy to fall into the lazy pattern but hard to get out of it.

The sad thing is that I have not only been physically lazy but I have been spiritually lazy as well. Just like you have to build up to get to the level of exercise that you like I have to build back up to the level of spirituality that I was before. I wish I could just jump back to that place but it doesn't work out that way.

So here is my Spiritual workout that I have set so that I can reach that Spiritual strength that I want to be at. 

Personal Prayers(Morning, night, and multiple times in between)
Scripture Study 30 minutes
Write slips for my gratitude bowl
Study the lessons for Sunday School and Relief Society
Attend the Temple
Partake of the Sacrament
Serve someone

Do Not
Read or watch things that aren't "virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy"
Think negative thoughts about others.
Think negative thoughts about myself.

Once I have this done then I can add more and more until I have my Spiritual strength back.