Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blink into the light

Imagine that you are in a room that is completely dark, pitch black.
Can you see anything? Not really.
Can you still get your way around? Sure, but it isn't that easy. At first it will be kind of difficult but the more you get used to it the easier it is to get around. Now while you are used to getting around in the dark how much easier would it be if someone turned the light on.

Ok so the light is on and you can see so much better. You can see that the walls are painted a soft ivory, that the molding is made from walnut. The carpet has a leaf pattern in it. The furniture is forest green and big and comfy. This room is much more wonderful now that you can actually see it in full detail. Before you only knew the main gist of it but for all the full details all you could do is guess. Isn't it interesting what light can do?
Now that we have the light on, would you go back to a life of pitch darkness? Hopefully not. There is so much more you can experience when there is light in your life. You can see better, you can move around better. Life it just way easier. So, we don't want to be in the dark. We like the light on. Interestingly though, no matter how much we love our new life in the light there are times that we are in the darkness again, even for a split second. We blink. We shut our eyes and surround ourselves momentarily in darkness.

How do we stop? Well really we can't. We are human. Because we are imperfect there are times of darkness in our lives even though we want to be in the light.

Now remember what life was like before you really knew about Jesus Christ or His Gospel? It was like living in that dark room. Sure, you got around and life was fine but remember how much greater you life became when you learned about Jesus Christ, the light? Things just seemed so much better. You learn about His grace and love and how you can express your love back to Him by following Him. You strive each day to do better, to be better, to always stay in the light. Now we aren't perfect we make mistakes, we blink. But we don't have to focus just on the times that we blink and then think that we are never going to be able to live with God again. Sure we make mistakes but that is where repentance comes in. That is where our Savior comes in. If we are striving to have our lives as bright as possible and trying our best each day, Jesus will make up the difference and bring in the light that we lack.

We blink, that is life but we can surround ourselves with so much light that we focus more on the light then on the darkness.

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