Thursday, April 5, 2012


Where is home to you? I have thought about this question a lot. While being here in Montana a lot of people ask me where is home. It was interesting when I answered because if I said Idaho people would ask me if I was excited to go back there. But I wasn't going back there because my family had moved to St. George. If I said St. George they would ask me if I knew this person or this place which I didn't because I had only lived there for maybe 1 1/2 years.

Shoshone, Idaho
Some might say that home is where your family lives. I have troubles with that because I do not consider St. George to be my home. But then if that isn't my home where is?
Could I claim the place that I grew up? Oh Shoshone, Idaho how I miss you! Well I am sure I could but I haven't been then in almost 4 years. So it kind of seems weird claiming that to be my home. I could claim it as a place I grew up but probably not my home.

So here I have a dilemma. I am homeless. I have no home.... or do I?

St. George, Utah
We all know the phrase, "Home is where your heart is." I think that this is 100% true. Home is where our heart is. So I have decided that my home is.... everywhere. It is everywhere because my heart is in Jesus Christ, my heart is in His Restored Gospel, my heart is in Heavenly Father and they are everywhere.

So while I don't have a "home" in the sense that I call one town or area my home I do have a home with Heavenly Father. Everywhere I go there will always be kind members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reaching out to make me feel welcome and make me feel at home.

If you feel that maybe you are homeless, that you don't feel like you have a home anywhere, reach out to Christ, reach out to His Gospel and see yourself find a home once more. The neatest thing is that no matter where you are at in the world you can find that group of people that will love you the same way that Christ loves you. Here is a site to find the nearest church building near you. So please check it out and see how you can feel the love of God for you more and see that you aren't homeless you already have a home waiting for you.

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