Monday, October 8, 2012

Spiritual Anorexia

Weekly Schedule
Kind of hungry not a whole ton but it would be good if I ate. Oh well there is always tomorrow.
I am hungry. For realzies I am hungry. Oh I will eat tomorrow. Mental reminder, "Remember to eat tomorrow."
Oh dang I should eat today. I got to make time to do it. Kind of feeling a little woozy.
Oh I am hungry. I haven't eaten all week. Oh I need to remember to eat more. Really not eating is not good. Ok so what to eat. Well I really don't want to go through a whole bunch of trouble.....ummm....Oh I will some crackers. Just a couple though I really don't have a lot of time to eat.
Next week the exact same thing happens.

If this was what your life is like than that sucks. I can't imagine going through the week not eating. If I did that I would be so sick and I wouldn't have energy to do anything. As a college student I sometimes only eat one meal a day and that is awful in and of itself. DO NOT DO THAT. So taking care of our bodies is super important. I know that when I eat healthy food regularly I have more energy and I can think properly. It is so important to take care of our bodies.

When taking care of ourselves I think we, me definitely included, forget the most important part to take care of, our spiritual self. Look at the above schedule and replace food with scriptures. Do you ever find yourself in that pattern putting off reading your scriptures? I will admit that I do sometimes.

Scriptures are fuel for our spirits. They help keep our spirit strong. Now if we are only feeding them once a week and only small amounts then we are going to have a real weak spirit. For some reason it is so easy to put off reading scriptures, icky Satan has his approval all over that. But I say that enough is enough. Let us all make the goal to read our scriptures everyday.

 If you don't feel motivated to read a lot everyday work yourself up to a good study time. Start off by reading a column, a page, a chapter, for 5 min, for 10min, for an hour. It doesn't come all at once but through steps forward, small or big, it will come.

The greatest motivator I have to read scriptures is that I honestly feel mentally and physically better. I just feel more fresh and uplifted.

So get out your scriptures and read. Your very hungry spirit will be so grateful you did. Just think of it has giving yourself a hug.

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