Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best Gift Ever

 When you think of gifts what do you think of? Do you think of gifts that you have been given or gifts that you have given? Honestly, I think of what I have been given. Though after a tiny bit I start to think of the gifts that I have given which in the long run make me so much happier than the ones I have received.
I remember this one time I wanted to get my mom an amazing gift. Well I saw that a nativity set that she had been wanting was on sale. I pulled all my money together and I had enough. So I bought it feeling extremely giddy. The only problem was that Christmas was the previous week and my mom's birthday wasn't for another couple of months. Just waiting to give her the gift was almost too much for me and I almost gave it to her earlier. Finally her birthday arrived. As she opened the present I was filled with so much happiness. Just seeing her face of shock made up for having to wait all those months to give it to her. It was then that I truly understood that when you give to others you get more than you give.

Now these last couple of months I have been able to share an even greater gift to those I love. It is the gift of the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel. I was given this gift myself and it truly fills all my soul with so much happiness that I want to share it with others. Knowing my purpose of being here on earth and what I can do to be even happier really is the best gift I could ever receive or give. I want to bear testimony that I know that it is only through Jesus Christ that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father; that through His love He willingly came down here to earth for each one of us to save us, to redeem us. This is the best gift we have or will ever have.

If you have received this gift, go share it with others. It will make you so happy and help you feel fulfilled. If you haven't received this gift or don't understand how Jesus Christ can make you have greater happiness I strongly encourage you to go to, explore, and then request missionaries that can and will share this gift with you.

With the Christmas season coming up let us all try to remember always what the best gift ever was: Jesus Christ.

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