Tuesday, October 25, 2011


When I was about 9 years old we went down to St. George Utah to visit my Grandmother and Grandpa Phil. They always liked to have activities for us kids so that we weren't bored to death and we enjoyed going down there. This one visit when we got to their home they told us that Grandpa Phil had dug a hole and we were to guess the dimensions for this hole. Once we had all guessed and it was a little coolier in the day they drove us out to this hole. I don't remember who was closest, pretty sure it wasn't me. I remember though that it was a very long hole and me feeling bad that Grandpa Phil dug that hole it the ridiculous heat of Southern Utah. I have no idea of how long it took him to dig that hole but I imagine that it took him quite a while.

Sometimes we too end up digging holes for no apparent reason. We dig and we dig and we dig. It can be quite exhausting. Our holes can be of saying wrong things, spending too much time from home and family, bad habits, technology,

As we get deeper and deeper in our holes it becomes our norm and we are often afraid to leave and face the real world. Even if we do want to leave we often feel we are to deep to get out by ourselves. Luckily the Savior understands that we put ourselves in these holes and He is constantly walking to the edge of each of our holes and asking us if we want help out. If we are afraid to leave we may yell at Him and curse at Him. The interesting thing is He just says, "Ok, I'll be back in 5 minutes in case you change you mind," and He always comes back. He will keep visiting our hole until we are ready to accept His help to get out. Then He lowers a ladder a helps us out. We just got to climb up the ladder.

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