Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So... I make up a lot of words and so does my family. We use words like skonk, potlicker, scrounger, gooby, blackhinder,etc. Why we use these words I don't know. What I do know is that people are always getting after me because they don't understand these words. Usually I just tell them to figure it out and just take the word in the context that it is in. It helps when I am around to help them understand a meaning of a word but if I am not there then they can either try to guess what it means and possibly be wrong or they can just stay confused.
This reminds me of what happened when the priesthood authortiy was taken off the earth. Without that authority people didn't truly understand what God's plan for them was because they didn't have that person to explain things they didn't understand. They, like some of my friends, ended up guessing on certain meanings or just gave up. But just like I eventually explain what one of my weird words mean, God brought back His priesthood authority so that we wouldn't be confused and we could know how to return and live with Him again.

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