Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prophet = GPS of Life

So lately I have been getting lost a lot. For most of my mission here in Montana I have been serving in small towns with the population no more than 3,000. I like it that way. I grew up in a small town and only having so many streets to have to worry about. If you did get lost you could probably walk the whole town in about 30 minutes or less and find out where you need to be.

Ok so I am used to small. So lately trying to figure out the crazy streets of Helena has left be confused. I have a map and we get a long fairly well but we sure do get lost a lot as well. People have asked me why don't I just us a GPS. Well for one I didn't have a GPS and two I am stubborn and wanted to see if I could learn the area better by using a map. But finally I caved in after getting lost one too many times even while using a map and borrowed a GPS. What a difference. Now I don't get lost. Miracle.

Wouldn't be nice if we could have a GPS for our lives. Sure we can get around fine just doing our own thing but if we something or someone to help lead us to where we want to go, heaven, it would sure make it alot easier. Luckily we do. We have a modern day prophet to help lead, guide, and direct us here on earth so that we can live with God again. Elder Neil L Anderson said, "In the confusion and commotion of our day and of the days ahead, we and our children need the power of revelation from the Lord’s prophets. The Lord has always revealed his will through his servants the prophets (see Amos 3:7), but as the world’s course diverges even more dramatically from the path of righteousness, our trust in the voice of the Lord through his servants (see D&C 1:38) will be even more critical to our knowing right from wrong."

So by following the prophet we have our very own GPS, guidence positioning system, for life. We can make follow the path that will lead us directly to God and back to Heaven. We have a prophet on the earth today, Thomas S Monson, and I suggest that you each take the time to see what he has been saying and apply it into your life so you can have a modern day GPS.

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